Friday June 4th- 2021 SENIOR AWARDS HAWAIIAN DAY CEREMONY. Theme: Hawaiian/Luau (please dress appropriately- nothing revealing)
Students: PLEASE BRING A BEACH TOWEL or a BEACH chair to this event since we are outdoors. GUARDIANS YOU WILL BE ALLOWED TO COME. Due to safety protocols we ask that we keep guardians and students separated, so students will be in back of the school, on school grounds while guardians will be behind the gates on the sidewalk. You may come early, set up your seating area, (socially distanced of course) and bring your cameras, comfy chairs, snacks, drinks, etc. We will have chairs available for guardians if you need (plastic/metal folding chairs). If you know you will be uncomfortable, please bring your own chair. All Students will be receiving awards and there will also be food and drinks served for the students afterwards. We hope this will be a fantastic, entertaining and safe event for all. Thank you for your patience while we made the final decisions regarding this event. Students, please RSVP for this event on the Senior Page.